The Glory of Mahadev in Mahabharat

While we see direct participation of Narayan in Mahabharata, we also witness the presence of Mahadeva throughout the proceedings that culminated in destroying adharma from the root level.

Shiva is in the form of Vishnu and Vishnu is in the form of Shiva. There is no difference between them and both provide Auspiciousness. Hence the Epic Mahabharata got Krishna as well as Shiva dictate the proceedings towards establishing dharma in Dwapar yug.

Shakuni Of Epic Mahabharata: A Factual Study

On the whole Shakuni of the Epic never fits the role of Pratinayak of the greatest Epic Mahabharat. He was one among the evil four who sided with adharma till the end but he was not responsible for each and every event that moved the story forward to the Kurukshetra battlefield.

What did Krishna offer Karna?

What Did Krishna Offer Karna?

This offer of Krishna to Karna is the most discussed part from Mahabharata. It is one of the most debated topics since it involves Draupadi Whom Krishna mentions in his speech to Karna while offering the royal crown of the Kuru kingdom.