Review – Sarvam Shakthimayam

Sarvam Shakthimayam is a breath of fresh air in an era of dark plots, a series that takes you on a soulful journey through the 18 Shakti Peethas – a family’s transformation guided by Supreme Feminine

Kurukshetra – A Quantitative Study Part IV : Karna Parva

Death of Karna marks an end to a painfilled story of a spirited warrior, a tragic prisoner of his own complexes, hatred and Karma whose internal conflicts were more intense than external. Taking the right lessons of Karna’s rise and fall would be a true way of honouring his life rather than engaging in pointless sob fantasies of him being an underdog achiever which he wasn’t.

Krishna Gopeshvara by Sanjay Dixit

Presenting an ancient Indian Puranic story with a contemporary narrative in the background has been a literary tradition that is unique to Hinduism. Continuing in the tradition, is Krishna Gopeshvara…