swami medhanand

Understanding Religion from Within: Swami Medhananda’s View

Swami Medhananda, also known as Ayon Maharaj, is a scholarly monk of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission.  In an exclusive interaction with Indic Today, he talks about the importance of recognizing a scholar-practitioner’s views in the fields of philosophy and religious, new ways of interpreting Ramakrishna-Vivekananda thought, and his forthcoming book.


A Note On Krishnamurti

On his 126th birth anniversary on May 11, let’s take an overview of what Krishnamurti had to say about human conditioning, limits of thought and knowledge, religious mind and much more.

125 Years Of Prabuddha Bharata: Awakening India’s Spiritual Core

In the pre-independence era, journals were great mediums of social awakening. When Swamiji was in the West, he wanted to start some journals essentially to carry the message of Vedanta in people’s language. He started three journals in his lifetime, Brahmavadin (1895) and Prabuddha Bharata (1896) in English, and Udbodhan (1899) in Bengali.