How To Celebrate Navaratri

During these nine days and nine nights, Ma Durga is worshiped for the first three days, then Ma Lakshmi for the fourth through sixth days and finally Ma Saraswati for the last three days.

Catching Glimpses Of Mahadeva

Philosophy is no substitute for practice – #Dharma is sustained on fuel of tapobala (power born of penance) & we are a people of temple builders and worshippers whose dearest festivals are tied with our devas.

The Need For A Kshatriya Mindset: Part I

The #Mahabharata is all about wheels within wheels in terms of lessons to be learned as to how to live an ethical and principled life under complex circumstances—not too different from the complexity of life situations that many of us face.

Ekadashi Mahatmya Part VII: Vijaya Ekadasi

Vijaya Ekadasi, Sri Krishna once explained the glories of this particular Ekadasi to Yudhishthira, “O, Yudhishthira, anyone who reads or hears this story will attain the same great merit as that which is earned by performing a horse sacrifice.”

The Song of Krishna

The uniqueness of the Gita is that it does not glorify Sri Krishna alone; it glorifies Arjuna also and the very process of dialogue and discussion between him and Sri Krishna.