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A Webinar on Indic Feminism

Feminism is one of the largest movements of modern times. To grow as a culture, we need to understand and adapt an Indic perspective on the subject. This webinar on Indic Feminism is a step in that direction.

Can we turn to our Itihaasas for feminist role models? What are some indigenous systems of thought revolving around women? What are some big differences between an Indic feminism and a more Western approach? Aditi Banerjee- an attorney and author, Deepa Bhaskaran- an activist and volunteer, Neha Srivastava- from the Shaktitva Foundation, Preity Upala- Global Ambassador and speaker, Sahana Singh- an author and Suhag Shukla- from the Hindu American Foundation, discuss these topics and more in a thought provoking webinar.

Watch the full webinar here!


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