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Hari Kiran Vadlamani’s Talk at Grateful2Gurus – Bangalore

Hari Kiran, Founder of Indic Academy spoke at the Grateful2Guru program at Bangalore.

He lamented that cognitive dissonance as the biggest epidemic that is killing the intellect of millions “Liberals” and termed it as a “Liberal” Flu.

Outlining the various initiatives that Indic Academy has undertaken since 2015, he spoke about the massive transformative purpose of Indic Academy and the moonshot thinking it has ingrained in its DNA. He elaborated on the two key strategies a) transforming the individual through ’self, selfless, Self” and b) building an ecosystem through ‘connect, cooperate, collaborate’ strategies. Emphasising the need for radical truth and radical transparency, he spoke about the efforts to remove bias in making decisions. Speaking about the #Grateful2Gurus, he envisioned that all Dharmic Academics, Activists, Artists & Authors from 1947 will duly be recognised under this program. Discovery of such Gurus is a discovery of Bharat, he mentioned and urged all public intellectuals to spend time on preserving and promoting our Dharma and leave the protection to specialists.

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