An Indian Classics Curriculum

An Indian-culture centered classics curriculum should be dedicated to universal values and principles and in addition to material on literature, philosophy, polity (arthaśāstra as well as earlier texts that speak of checks and balance between the minister and the king), and history.

The Idea Of 22 Srutis

Indian arts are interrelated not only at the level of aesthetic experience but also at the level of technique. It is not surprising then to see the number 22 (and the related numbers of 11 and 33) appear in so many different contexts.


Vena, Veda, Venus

The names for the planets in the ancient civilizations are generally different. Their difference suggests that the planets were known in various civilizations before trade and migrations brought unifying impulses and common terminology.

Indian Binary Numbers And The Katapayadi Notation

Many scholars have argued that the KTPY scheme goes as early as Vararuci and its earliest use should belong squarely in the centuries BC, they have not been able to provide an unambiguous usage which is that early. The object of this note is to provide that early evidence of a form of the KTPY scheme.

The Rāma Story and Sanskrit in Ancient Xinjiang

Gāndhārī inscriptions have been found as far east as Luoyang and Anyang in Henan province in Eastern China which attests to the vastness of the influence of Sanskrit. Europeans in recent centuries called the whole region Serindia, indicating the meeting place of China and India.