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Travel Grants For Conference On Indology

An International Conference titled “Churning Of Indology” will be organized by the Bharatiya Vidvat Parsihat(BVP) as a part of the first meeting of it’s members. The conference will take a look at the impact and consequences of the Indological studies that have taken place during the past 150-200 years.

There has been a constant review of Indological research outcomes in the BVP mailing list by many prominent scholars. Many debates, dialogues, and discussions held in the BVP list have been leading us to the correct understanding of Shastras in a consolidated way. It has been successful in spearheading the improvement of quality research in Samskrit Shastras and related disciplines. BVP has been a platform for sharing new ideas, creative writings, information regarding academic activities, innovative projects, new discoveries and developments that keeps the entire Samskrit academia ever updated. In order to expand the sphere of research and literature in Sanskrit and to make them accessible to everyone, BVP desires to set new directions through this conference.

The present conference is titled “Churning of Indology” to reflect the need of the day. The aim is to arrive at a clear path for future research, based upon past experience, and the need to study the history of the various Bharatiya Vidyas. BVP expects senior scholars to show the new paradigms for research while youngsters will be encouraged to produce ground-breaking research in their respective fields.

This conference is a unique opportunity for scholars to blend with other experts in the field. BVP welcomes all interested scholars to attend the conference. The venue will be the Rajangana of the Sri Krishna Matha in Udupi, Karnataka, from 4th to 6th January, 2019.

Indic Academy will be providing travel grants of upto Rs 10,000 to 5 deserving candidates to attend this program. Please write to us at to apply for the grant.

More details regarding the various themes to be discussed in the conference, important dates for submission of abstracts and registration are all available in this document.

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