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Travel Grant Scheme For Visiting NRI Professors During Their December Visit To India.

Indic Academy is pleased to launch a new travel grant scheme for visiting NRI Professors travelling to India during their forthcoming December break to India.

Through this scheme, we encourage NRI Professors involved in field of Indology, Indic Knowledge Systems or any other field with Indian civilisational knowledge and history as its core, to reach out to their friends and colleagues working in universities in India and inform them of their willingness to visit their institution for a talk. We also encourage Indian Professors to reach out to their oversees colleagues and extend an invitation to them for a talk.

After receiving or extending an invitation, they can then write to us with the invite and we will make the travel arrangements from their location within India to the city or town the university is situated in. If an overnight transit stay is warranted in another city in order to reach the university city or town, we would arrange the necessary transit accommodation. Host institution should make an announcement that the talk is facilitated by Indic Academy. Likewise Indic Academy will also release an announcement of the talk as one organised by Indic Academy in collaboration with the host institution.

We believe this scheme will help in utilising the spare time if any during their holiday to teach students of local host colleges and universities.

Interested academics may write to us at

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