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Publication Grant for “Gems of Sankara” by Prof V Krishnamurthy


Indica Renaissance Fund is pleased to announce a publication grant of Rs one lac to Tattvaloka for publishing “Gems of Sankara” by Prof V. Krishnamurthy.

Tattvãloka, the Splendour of Truth, is premier spiritual monthly magazine in English for the past 45 years. The magazine seeks to spread the teachings of Vedic texts, Upanishads, wisdom of spiritual masters, and practical guidelines for holistic living.

Tattvãloka is part of an educational trust of Sringeri Sharada Peetham. Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswami, the Jagadguru of the Peetham, oversees the contents and quality of the magazine and provides a special message on dharma to readers every month. The articles cover various aspects of spirituality, meditation and yoga, appealing to all age segments, and written in a lucid style.

Books on spiritual aspects are also published and so far they have brought over 40 books, with titles such as Spirituality for Youth, Krishna Everyone’s God, Hanuman, Ancient Values for Modern Management, and Power of Gayatri, besides a board game for children based on Ramayana.

Prof. V.Krishnamurthy has been writing regularly in Tattvaloka for the last five years, under the series ‘Gems of Sankara‘, highlighting the unique aspects of Sankara’s works and the spiritual wisdom in his compositions. These articles are now proposed to be published as a book.

Tattvaloka is managed by volunteers who have retired after distinguished service in several professions, such as teaching, industry and civil service.

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