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Reflections of Advaita Vedānta in Sarvajña Tripadis by Nithin Sridhar

Conference on Oneness-Advaita in Arts, Music & Dance: Reflections of Advaita Vedānta in Sarvajña Tripadis by Nithin Sridhar. The paper was presented in the Conference on Oneness, jointly organized by Indic Academy and Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV) that was held in Chinmaya Eswar Gurukula, Adi Shankara Nilayam, Veliyanad, Kochi between 15th and 17th October, 2019.

Nithin Sridhar examines the influence of Advaita Vedānta on Sarvajña –one of the most renowned Vīraśaiva saints. He was a Kannada poet and philosopher of the 16th century. He is famous for his three-lined vacanas or poems called ‘tripadi’. These poems deal with a variety of subjects ranging from philosophy and devotion, to ethical guidelines and useful nuggets for daily living.

After giving a brief background of the saint-poet, the paper talks about various Advaitic ideas in the compositions of Sarvajña. It deals with concepts like Brahman, īśvara, jagat, Jīvanmukta, māyā, jñāna, Sādhana-Catuṣṭaya, and mokṣa as discussed by Sarvajña with appropriate citations.

These central philosophical themes in the Hindu tradition as enunciated by Sarvajña in his vacanas not only reflect the Upaniṣadic teaching, but also closely follow the philosophy of Ādi Śaṅkarācārya. It makes a significant contribution to understanding the influence of Advaita Vedānta on other religious and spiritual traditions of India in general, and on Vīraśaiva tradition in particular, concludes Nithin Sridhar.

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