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Legacy Partnerships and Retrospective – Prospective Webinar Series

In this video Hari Kiran Vadlamni, Founder, Indic Academy describes a new initiative launched by IA titled ‘Legacy Partnership’. Under this IA is reaching out to senior scholars and encouraging them to think and plan for their legacy by way of Digital, Print and Human Legacy. IA will partner with these scholars and provide the necessary resources required such that by the time they retire, they would have  been able to achieve all that they set out to do in their lives including training students who will carry forth the unique style each of these venerable scholars are known for. A series of webinars “Retrospective -Prospective ‘ are also planned with the scholars where in a comprehensive look at the entire body of work of the scholar is reviewed and also current and future projects discussed. Students and research scholars are encouraged to participate in these webinars and reach out to the scholars to work under their tutelage.

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