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Varun’s Theory Of Accidents

Varun’s  begins with Dr.Asha Patil being summoned to assess Varun Khedkar his mental well-being. Varun Khedkar is accused of burning down vehicles  a lot of them. It is Dr. Patil’s job to declare him either mentally unfit or fit by talking to him and understand his side of the story.

The two begin conversing. Varun starts off with a cautionary note about automobile accidents and puts forward his theory that they are not accidents, they are in-fact pre-ordained!

Dr. Patil, dismisses this as the ramblings of a mentally unstable person .

Varun offers an explanation. As per his theory, the accidents are of the vehicles, the people in it are just innocent bystanders, who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. .

Dr.Patil is incredulous when she hears this theory. To make her believe his point, Varun explains to her the premonitions that he has been getting about vehicles which are doomed.

Varun finally explains that he has made it his mission to save lives by torching these vehicles before they meet their demise.

There is a twist at the end of the story, which does leave you desolate, but you know that it was going to end it that way.

Mayur Didolkar seems to have understood this genre very well. He has given you a 30 minute time-bomb through this book which explodes with a lound bang enough to give you a jolt.

At the end of this book, a thought crosses your mind inadvertently. Does this shit happen in real life too? This is Didolkar’s success and he has to be given due credit for it.

It is definitely a one-time read. At 10 INR and just half an hour of your time, it is eminently readable.

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