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Semmanthaka – The Second Quest

I received this ebook for review. ‘First of all, can we just appreciate the beautiful cover of the book for a moment? I love mythology, it is one of my most read and most cherished genre. Normally, finding a stand alone novel in this category is very rare. And this beauty here, is my all time favorite now! I am so happy to find this book!

I had a little idea about this gem and have heard stories too. But author here just takes the story as a base and adds too much more to it hat the story becomes much more interesting.
Story starts in the present day with the archaeologist Dr Baalan and his assistant, Yogi. They are on a mission for the treasure hunter, Stain Malhotra. But soon enough, the plot takes shifts into many different times of era and the story starts to get complex. At times, the storyline seems to shift from the main stream, but trust me, it all comes togather in the end. The archaeo duo find challenges after challenges, which are not only captivating, but also heart pondering. I was on the edge the whole time I read the book. All the characters are so strong and perfectly portrayed. Stalin, though has come for a very short period of time, is able to leave the impression on reader’s mind. And, one can not read the book without admiring Dr Baalan and Yogi. Also, author has done an extraordinary fine work with describing the fights between animals. The entire book feels like a TV series with history, mythology, action, fantasy and wildlife adventure.
Trust me when I say that this book is going to leave a hangover on a reader’s mind, for sure. If the author decides to write another book on something along this line, I will be more than happy to read!All in all, a great stand alone of its kind and if you like mythology mixed with treasure hunt, give this a shot!

Khyati Pathak, Independent Reviewer on Goodreads

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