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Musings on Hinduism

Hinduism though the oldest and diverse of the world’s major religions, and the one to most promote Yoga and Self-realization, remains the most misunderstood. This is true even in India where Marxist thought has dominated religious studies, which cannot comprehend the cosmic dimension of the Hindu spiritual view. Authentic and comprehensive explanations of Hindu Dharma are rare and hard to find.

Nithin Sridhar is one of the most learned and insightful young Hindu writers in India today. His knowledge of the full range of Hindu teachings from Veda and Vedanta, to Yoga and Tantra, from ancient history to modern social issues, is extraordinary. He brings this profound background into his examination of Hindu Dharma, which reflects the deeper tradition in a way that the modern mind can easily understand and find relevant. He makes Hinduism alive as a way of Self-knowing and universal consciousness crucial to everyone in this dawning planetary era.

Sridhar’s book Musings on Hinduism provides an excellent introduction to Hinduism, taking a variety of thought-provoking angles of approach, like different facets of a vast gem. For those wanting to understand Hindu dharma at spiritual, cultural and intellectual levels from someone who has deeply studied and practiced the teachings, this book a great place to begin your inward journey. It does not simply present one branch or aspect of Hindu Dharma but provides a vision of the whole from transcendent Vedantic philosophy to the Hindu view of society. We look forward to future books of the author to help keep the light of Sanatana Dharma shining brightly in the world!

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