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OM Within – Neurotheology Of Symbol OM (Enquiry Into The Symbol Of OM)

Abstract summary:

ॐ (OM) or A.U.M is a sacred sound, represented with form, icon ॐ.

This paper explores the following:

  1. The relation between Sound and Shape of OM ॐ.
  2. The construct of Symbol OM within the body.                                                                  1. The formation and dissolution of ॐ OM, activating stages of neural pulses in human brain; brain waves.                                                                                                2. An enquiry into the above and providing supporting evidence from:                       a). Sciences, b) Texts, c) Experience.                                                                              3. Application in psychology, psychiatry and Neurology

Abstract: OM Within:

Hypothesis:– The pattern of flow of energy inside the brain in pristine Yogic state resembles the shape of OM. Symbol OM traces the anatomy of brain , it traces 4 stages of brain and 7 levels of consciousness.

Thus Symbol OM is a visual tool for Non-invasive Brain Modulation that is available to every human being at all times. OM is a neural map.

 Prior Art: The scriptures state – “OM embraces the state of waking in which the gross elements of existence are perceived, the state of dreaming in which the subtle elements of existence are perceived, the state of [dreamless] sleep in which the gross and subtle elements of existence are dormant, gathered up into their potential state, and the state of pure consciousness which reveals the presence or absence of the experiences of the waking, dreaming, and sleeping states.

Observation-The scriptural explanation of OM (as above) also relates to measurable Brain waves in modern Neurology. Viz. Beta, Alpha, SMR, Theta, Gamma, Delta etc.

Validation– My Neuro feedback experiments and qEEG records reveal a distinct shift in brain frequencies as visualisation on the shape of OM along with the sound of OM is carried out in awareness and consciousness. The effect of mind control on breathing pattern is instantaneous and breath would switch from 16 cps to 3 cps as the mind changes gears instantaneously.

Video link (4min) demonstration of control on brain waves while visualising the Shape of OM.

Method of enquiry– The method of Enquiry is structured on a Vedic format as follows- 1. Subject, 2. Curiosity or query, 3. Prima facile view or prior art, 4. Proposed theory or Hypothesis 5. Evidence from 5a. Ancient texts, 5b. Personal experience, 5c. Neurological science 6. Synthesis and summation. Refinement by progressive examination on the same thread.

Application– “Energy flows where thought goes”. Using symbol OM as brain map, we can activate neurobiological changes. Can we modulate our brain just like we can modulate the fingers of our hand? The answer is Yes, the tool is Visual OM. This offering of ‘OM Within’ is a confluence of science and spirituality towards oneness and betterment of humanity.

Application: Many QEEG experiments have been conducted on self and also with animals. While experimenting with horses, a test for compassion, using Shape of OM as a tool and transcending the awake state or beta/alpha waves and activating theta and gamma waves or stepping into subconscious, the horses begin to bond and help release delta waves in awareness as a state of jagrat-susupti or awakened sleep or Turiya (as stated in Vedanta literature). In experiments while recording live QEEG and mediating on Shape of OM, Horses would respond when Theta waves appeared, thereafter Horses helped me raise Delta waves in awareness. When Theta/ Beta ratio or TBR crossed 3.5 the horses responded affectionately. High TBR is medically ADD or ADHD. This validates (a) Healing power of horses and (b) Universality of OM. (c) ADD or ADHD are conditions and not disease. (d) There are different levels of communication. As said in Advaita – Silence is the highest form of communication.

Application: OM Within- Application in Neuroscience :

Symbol OM as a tool can be applied to exercise control on the flow of subtle energies within our body. Visualising OM stimulates the brain faculty. Activating brain waves; Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gama, Delta etc. Symbol OM is non-invasive Deep brain stimulation (DBS). The Shape of OM stimulates the Reticular Activation System. Visualising OM activates all the cranial nerves. The OM explains breath- speech- mind correlation . Staying with OM within, as we deal with the external stimuli. Staying with OM to access our subconscious substratum. A potential treatment for Psychiatric & Neurological disorders. The psychiatric indications; Depression, Schizophrenia, Mania, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, OCD. Phobias, Panic Disorder, Eating Disorders & Addictions, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Visualising Symbol OM activates SMR training. Improving the vagal tone. HRV. Heart coherence. Application in sports and animal therapy. Or for Self-Enquiry. Knowing How am I, thereafter ‘Who Am I’.


The Shape of OM sets the flywheels of mind in motion.

The Shape of OM traces the anatomy of human brain.

The Shape of OM represents four stages of mind.

The Shape of OM represents seven stages of consciousness.

The Shape of OM represents the eight stages of ‘Ashtanga Yoga’.

The Shape of OM explains energy or prana transfer in Kundalini.

The Shape of OM explains breath- speech- mind connection.

The Shape of OM activates the sleep-awake zone.

Visualising The Shape of OM activates all the cranial nerves.

The Shape of OM stimulates the Reticular Activation System.

The Shape of OM is the visual icon of the Sound of OM, is present within.

The Shape of OM and the sound of OM lead us to ONE.

Do we have a solution that we are overlooking:

The mind is busy searching for its stillness. All the books have been written seeking the silence. Yet it is quite possible that humankind has ever had the correct tool to get there but missing is awareness.

As proposed In this thesis –The tool is Shape of OM. 


The Enquiry is on Symbol OM

Hypothesis is Neurotheology of Symbol OM

The cumulative offering is –Who OM I.

A way of self-realization by Enquiry and activation of Visual OM.

(All content and drawings are Copyright and Trademark protected)

Personal journey

The curiosity on Symbol OM, it’s occurrence within, intuited while searching for that ‘perfect shot’ at the Pistol shooting ranges. Search for ‘that which is the doer’. Diving into Yoga and scriptures offered a clue- It was taming of Sight, Vision and Mind; these constitute archer’s precision. Separating sight from vision was yet possible, but mind? Where is that? Then I was told… ‘You know it, mind does not exist’. By now the trained architect would find more love from animals than humans. This took me to sleep and EEG labs to figure out what was happening in my head. After two decades of searching, and 100’s of QEEG experiments, my offering is Neurotheology of Symbol OM  and Who OM I

About the Author –

Amitabh Divakar, born Feb 1966, is an architecture graduate from I.I.T. Roorkee (erstwhile University of Roorkee). As a student he was selected by Indian Institute of Architects as national representative in ARCASIA- Architects Regional Council Asia. He is founding member of ASASIA- Association of Students of Architecture of Asia. After graduation he worked on designing Trade Shows, spaces for commercial communication and worked on projects like Festival of India for J. Walter Thompson. Amitabh gradually moved on to developing his own practice and worked on design and construction of individual residences, group housing, showrooms, factories, public facilities. During his architectural practices Amitabh developed systems to incorporate traditional Indian handicraft into buildings as a solution towards energy efficient architecture. Amitabh has presented his research on Application of Traditional Handicraft into Buildings at INTBAU  International Network for Traditional Building and Urbanism, a Prince Charles initiative. Amitabh has been a resource with Ministry of Culture since 2011 and has directly interacted with over 7000 trainers on the subject of Indian Art and Architectural Heritage. Amitabh was on the panel of judges for Republic Day Parade 2015 for cultural items. Amitabh has hands-on experience in organic farming, as a serious hobbyist, he took up precision shooting sport and has played three nationals in Air Pistol Shooting. During his progress as a practicing architect, guided by his process of enquiry, Amitabh began to explore the Vedic sciences and developed his thesis on the sacred Symbol OM. Amitabh found a connection between the Light and Sound of OM and our ancient science of building architecture. Amitabh presented his research in USA at conferences like SAND- Science and Non Duality and TSC- The Science of Consciousness. Amitabh has conducted many Neurological studies on himself as evidence of his hypothesis on Symbol of OM. Presently Amitabh is working on creating Sustainable Zero Carbon Architecture using traditional Indian crafts and also finding Neurological relevance behind ancient theories of Vaastu Shastra. Amitabh aims at creating buildings that do not exploit but support our environment, encourage arts and crafts, are healthy to live in and directly benefit the craftspersons who build them. Amitabh writes concrete poetry and his writing is featured in – An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from around the world, 2020


FAQ –OM Within; Neurotheology of Symbol OM

Enquiry into The Sacred Symbol OM


What is the subject?

  • The subject is sacred Symbol OM or the Shape of OM

Why is this an issue?

  • A curiosity arose in my mind as to what could be the significance of the symbol OM. Why is it written the way it is? How does the symbol or the Form of OM represent the Name or sound of OM.

Why should this be a bother?

  • Since the sound of OM is cosmic, but also can be realised within, so should be the case with symbol OM, it must be present within, in all beings at all times. To note is that the sound and Light of OM is cosmic, the symbol of OM ॐ is human made.

What is attempted here?

  • An Enquiry into the Sacred Symbol OM.

What is the context?

  • Vedic OM- ‘Nada Brahma’, Amen in Hebrew, in Arabic as Amin, is sound. Pranava Veda states that the visual world of sculptures, objects and architecture manifests from the light aspect of OM. The sound aspect of OM creates music, grammar and is represented by the indestructible Akshara OM, which is the Shape, as icon or the sacred symbol OM. Thus OM is everywhere in all human expression.

What is meant by Form of OM and Name of OM?

  • The world we perceive is made of Name and Form, or Naam-Rupa. Every object, has a name, or word. Every word is a sound. Every object has a form or shape. Thus every form has an associated name or sound. The forms are made of light, or perceived in light. Both light and sound are frequencies. The Name or Sound of OM has been given a Shape or Form. That arouses the curiosity.

Isn’t symbol OM an alphabet?

  • Quoting Osho – “The word OM is not written alphabetically in any language of the East because it is not part of language. It is written as a symbol; hence the same symbol is used in Sanskrit, in Pali, in Prakrit, in Tibetan – everywhere the same symbol, because all the mystics of all the ages have reached to the same experience, that it is not part of our mundane world; hence it should not be written in letters. It should have its own symbol which is beyond language”.

Isn’t OM a religious symbol?

  • OM or A.U.M. also Amen or Amin is present in many religions, ancient and new. The symbol OM is also existing in many religion and cultures. The Enquiry here is from Indic-Vedic perspective. There are many religions that came out of or were influenced by the Indic-Vedic.

Isn’t OM a mystery?

  • As a great master has said- Mysteries are unrealised forces of nature at work. What we do not understand, we term them as mystery. Here we are decoding OM.

Why is even the form of OM needed?

  • A form is needed to hold the mind. Symbol OM is that form.

Is it implied that Symbol OM is the ultimate form?

  • Symbol OM is a form and it leads us to formless. Thus it covers the entire spectrum. The beginning and the conclusive.

What about other icons, spiritual figures in other religion.

  • Cannot say, as I have not explored them. My subject is Symbol of OM.

Many religions talk of OM. Is there any conflict?

  • All religions have their root in spirituality. All spiritual heritage talk of unity of mankind or oneness. All spiritual communities know that conflicts are superfluous and unfortunate and are aiming to resolve them. Symbol OM is one such realisation that will help humanity become more spiritual than religious.

Does the offering denounce religion?

  • No, the study of Symbol OM does not denounce religion, rather explains them.

Is this a new religion or some kind of a new doctrine?

  • No this is neither a new religion nor a doctrine. This is an understanding that binds many if not all religion and doctrines and finds a common point.

How can you claim for all religion and doctrine?

  • Essentially all philosophy, quest into God, Soul and world are the basis of religion. At the core of all religion, philosophy techniques are the being. At the core of every being is OM. OM is represented by the Symbol ॐ.

How can a personal experience challenge ancient knowledge?

  • The offering presented as a hypothesis supports and draws from the ancient knowledge pool and does not contradict them.

What resources have been considered to qualify this claim?

  • The ancient texts from the Indic- Vedic pool are classified in the following manner: The Old or the intangible mythology as stories are called Purana. This text is termed Pauranic. The recorded Mythology that has some tangible evidence is Itihasa (history). The scientific or empirical knowledge is in Vedas. The observations and knowledge of Soul are contained in Upanishads. The Vedanta is the culmination or conclusion or the End of Vedas. The resource from scriptures to qualify the proposed thesis is from Veda, Upanishad and Vedanta.

Are there any final authorities, where the buck stops?

  • There have been many Advait masters to grace the earth. Two contemporary giants of the times were Ramkrishna Paramhansa and Sri Ramana Maharishi. The offering here is finally corroborated with the sayings of these two great saints. All the hypothesis is concluded only if relevant supporting text is found in the words of Ramkrishna Paramhansa (and Vivekananda) and Sri Ramana Maharishi.

Is this not a blasphemy to enquire into a religious iconography?

  • The ancient scriptures consist of texts as ‘Sutras’ or threads or links and path to move forward. There is never a conclusive or finality in the Indic-Vedic theosophical tradition. This religion is generally termed as Hinduism, the real name of which is Sanatana or ‘Forever’.

Would the great masters you have quoted approved of such a research?

  • Yes, for sure. All the masters have said that we should first realise then believe.

But this subject is a matter of faith?

  • I have a counter question. Will the realisation of ‘OM within’ and thus God within each of us, at all times reinforce our faith individually and collectively? The answer is yes?

People already have established belief. Why should you shake their belief?

  • Agreed, grown up people can have concretised belief. Yet I have got reactions from seniors wishing they had learnt this when they were young. Think of it from the perspective of young. What answer shall we have if a five year old asked us to explain the Symbol OM? We can hide under the alibi “you will know when you grow up”, as if the grownups know the secret.

Is this about religion or spirituality?

  • Such divisions are superfluous . The realisation of ‘OM within’ is about being.

What is the method used to arrive at hypothesis.

  • The method of Enquiry into Symbol OM is based on a Vedic format as below:
    • Subject : Symbol of OM – ॐ
    • Curiosity : Meaning behind the form of OM ; its relation with the sound OM.
    • Prior art or Existing theories: From scriptures and commentaries of masters.
    • Evidence: Scriptural, scientific, empirical, inferential, personal.
    • Inference: Inference that is drawn from the evidence.
      • Contemplation on inference.
    • Summation: Assimilation of all inference.
    • Hypothesis: Sacred Symbol OM is present Within, in all brings at all times.
      • Objection(s) and or contradictions within hypothesis.
      • Finding the truth by thorough analysis.
    • Final offerings.

Final Offerings of OM Within –

The form of OM is a trace of pattern of flow of energy activated by breath, speech, mind and activates brain anatomy and inner pranic balance. It energises four stages of mind and also emanates quantifiable mind waves. The dissolution of OM into the heart, beyond Ego-Self where even the mantra OM ceases to exist is OM Shanti- Shanti-Shanti, this is the stage of silence beyond OM. Thus OM is present in all beings, at all times in awake, dreaming, REM, dreamless sleep. The state of meditation, realisation or knowing that can be Dvait or Advait

The final understanding is derived from all the churning and offered as conclusive evidence of the hypothesis on the Sacred Symbol OM as a realisation and also as a tool that can help people individually and collectively in their journey from ‘How am I’ to ‘ Who am I’. This is applicable to any and every individual at any stage of personal or spiritual growth. Growth that is quantified.

Disclaimer – A personal note:

– My findings on shape of OM; I am unable to distinguish or draw a line to say what is spiritual or what is scientific. Just as Prana or breath or mind are distinguished yet cannot be put into compartments. Same with sight and vision. As all brain waves are sequential stages of ONE wave coming from the same pool or resource (sometimes termed Samskara). It is both with form and is also formless when it is detached from impressions. The Shape of the Sound of OM, as the sacred symbol OM which is most sublime as a trace of pattern of flow of energies, intelligible, intangible, omnipresent, constantly shaping, perennial, ‘Sanatana’, ever flowing, within every being that carries a head on the body.

What is the broad content of the offering?

  • The list of offering or content of OM within is as follows:
  1. Why and how the Symbol ॐ is the visual representation of Mahamantra OM.
  2. The Symbol OM as the visual icon of OM sound.
  3. The Symbol OM as the visual icon of OM light.
  4. The Symbol OM connects us to OM sound and OM light, within.
  5. The Symbol OM as icon is present within, at all times, in all beings.
  6. The Symbol OM is the form that leads us to the formless.
  7. The Symbol OM thus can resolve all conflicts of opinion.
  8. The Symbol OM leads us to silence.
  9. The Symbol OM leads us to the ‘Self’.
  10. The Symbol OM reflects the brain anatomy.
  11. The Symbol OM reflects the yogic principles.
  12. The Symbol OM sets the flywheels of mind in motion.
  13. The Symbol OM traces the flow of energy in human brain.
  14. The Symbol OM controls the flow of energy in human brain.
  15. The Symbol OM represents four stages of mind leading to Turiya.
  16. The Symbol OM triggers the Brain waves, alpha, theta, gamma delta etc.
  17. The Symbol OM, visualised, can be used as a tool to control brain waves.
  18. The Symbol OM exists in Philosophy, Religions, Yoga and Tantra.
  19. The Symbol OM represents the seven stages of consciousness.
  20. The Symbol OM represents the eight stages of ‘Ashtanga Yoga’.
  21. The Symbol OM explains energy or prana transfer in Kundalini.
  22. The Symbol OM explains breath- speech- mind connection.
  23. The Symbol OM represents the chakra system of the body.
  24. The Symbol OM regulates the sleep-awake zone.
  25. The Symbol OM activates four stages of sleep.
  26. Visualising The Shape of OM stimulates brain hormones.
  27. The Symbol OM visualisation leads to deep brain stimulation.
  28. The Shape of OM stimulates the Reticular Activation System.
  29. Visualising The Shape of OM activates all the cranial nerves.
  30. The Symbol OM is at start of all mantra; ends with OM shanti-shanti-shanti.
  31. The Symbol OM and religious iconography defines human anatomy.
  32. The Symbol OM is the visual icon of the Sound of OM, is present within.
  33. The Symbol OM activates silent communication with all beings, humans and animals.
  34. The Shape of OM and the sound of OM lead us to ONE- to Light of OM.
  35. The Shape of OM is present in all the beings, at all times.

What is the salient advantage of the Offering?

  • It is one of the quickest means of realising the self.

How quick?

  • As quick as the blink of the eye. Or say with every breath.

How is it possible?

  • By activating the Visual OM. Symbol, OM embodies the light and sound of OM. Thus OM can be seen by inner eyes as constructed by the icon OM leading to the silence of OM Shanti- Shanti- Shanti.

Is it a tool then?

  • Yes the visual icon OM can be used to activate and channel invisible energies flowing inside human body.

Is it a tool for achieving enlightenment?

  • Why bother? Why not just be ourselves. Fit and prepared to receive divine enlightenment whenever it arrives.

Why do I need to go within my body, aren’t body functions automated.

  • We are constantly digesting food, blood is running in our veins, neurons are firing, we do not see anything that is happening under our skin. Mankind has constantly looked for tool(s) to explore the functioning of the body. Pranayama or science of breathing is one such tool that is non invasive. We can let the body function on its own. Yet we have to develop invasive techniques like surgery to correct the body functions. How about a tool that just needs visualization and is as non-invasive as Pranayama. This tool is visual – the Sacred Symbol OM.

How can visualization give health benefits?

  • We know that ‘Energy flows, where Thought goes’. If there was a thought that could align the brain, and if that thought had a visual representation, then that is the Symbol OM.

Does it mean that thought is more powerful than Pranayama and Yoga?

  • Yes and conclusively. In my experiments the breathing rate alters just as the mind changes gears. By visualizing the Symbol OM, I can alter my brain waves and the result on breath rate is instant. This is recorded.

Isn’t Yoga the means to control the mind?

  • Yes, Yoga is primarily about ‘Cessation of tendencies in the mind-field’. The offering of OM Within reflects and puts to practice the ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ by activating the Visual OM.

Is it a method?

  • It is happening every moment, naturally. Thus is not a method but realization.

Is this about meditation?

  • It is about realization. It is about meditating on who is the meditator.

Is it about Yoga?

  • Yes, it covers Yoga. The symbol OM explains the eight limbs as in Patanjali Yog Sutra. Also samadhi.

Can the natural happening be enhanced?

  • Yes, just like breathing can be regulated for personal benefits, visualizing of the Symbol OM can be very beneficial.

Are there results to see the benefits?

  • Yes, the evidence provided is from scientific, empirical records and can be developed as a method to suit the individual according to his/her capacity.

Is there any qualification for learning?

  • Open to every human being who has the capacity to visualize.

Does it then make easier for some?

  • Yes, for persons with meditative minds, for artists, musicians, archers, dreamers, craftspersons, sportspersons and all simple and sensitive people with mindfulness it is a lot easier to visualize.

Does the learning come faster to some?

  • In my surveys, those who have done any kind of ‘Sadhana’ , a selfless service, without any desire for returns, for a few years, sometimes six to twelve years of practicing and practicing any art, act, service, skill, could be looking after own family with devotion or practicing martial art for the sake of perfection can learn it in no time.

Why should I visualize OM when I can chant or hear OM sound.

  • Chanting takes time, say even half a minute. Listening to OM chant is listening to an external voice. Is that without side effects? Chanting of OM is with exhale in awake state. Visual OM is without any such dependence and is in an instant. Activated with every breath in every being.

Are these new teachings and findings supported by ancient texts?

  • The textual or scriptural evidence is provided from Upanishads, Yogic, Tantric texts.

Sometimes these texts state the same truth in different ways. Is there an ombudsman of sorts, any authority that we can finally refer to?

  • The texts are arranged in the following order. 1. Purana (meaning old as intangible stories) 2. Itihasa (meaning stories with tangible evidence). 3. Vedas (knowledge base or pool). 4. Sruti and 5. Smriti 6. Vedangas. 7 Upanishad and 8. Vedanta (the conclusion or end of knowledge). The Vedanta has essentially two parts 1. Dvait (God created the world) and 2. Advait (God IS the world, there is no two). There have been many Advait masters to grace the earth. Two contemporary giants of the times were Ramkrishna Paramhansa and Sri Ramana Maharishi. The offering here is finally corroborated with the sayings of these two great saints. All the hypothesis is concluded only if relevant supporting text is found in the words of Ramkrishna Paramhansa ( / Vivekananda) and Ramana Maharishi.

Does it mean that we have to delve into the teachings of Advait Vedanta when we take this path?

  • Not quite. If OM is omnipresent, then it must be accessible to everyone at all times irrespective of believes, understandings or any limitations of knowledge. The offering is not exclusive to people of sects, beliefs, clans or bonding. In fact the offering sets free all compartments of exclusivity, sectarianism, racism etc. from religion and spirituality.

Are you saying, it is the last word in the world of spirituality?

  • There can never be a last word. The last word if any is silence. Silence has many layers or depths. As Swami Vivekananda says that because men and women with new ideas came to earth, implies great men and women will continue to be born. In his words “it is a blasphemy to say that all possible knowledge is contained in books and that human evolution has now stopped”. It is also true that many ancient knowledge is today lost to human kind or have got distorted over time. As in material science which works on constant evolution, the spiritual world is also constantly evolving (yes not at that brisk, visible or ‘disruptive’ pace as technology evolves) and thus we keep moving forward on the ‘clues’ that came to us as heritage as threads as ‘sutras’ to cultivate ourselves. These Sutras are scriptures or texts which have been used as evidence to support the hypothesis presented.

Other than self-realisation what are the practical benefits of knowing this offering?

  • The benefits will vary from person to person. Enumerated are some benefits of realising OM within
    • Stop wandering in search of religion.
    • Know that God, Guru, Self is the same.
    • Free yourself from talks and talks and more talks, learn Silence.
    • Know how every breath links to our mind.
    • Know how to control the flow of Pranic energy with every breath.
    • Know that all creatures that breathe are connected thru mind.
    • Know that all creatures that breathe and have mind do exercise silent communication.
    • Learn that silent communication with all beings, humans and animals by knowing your brain by understanding the sacred Symbol OM.
    • Learn to control your brain waves using Symbol OM as a tool.
    • Brain waves Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gama, Delta can be controlled by visual OM.
    • Know the difference between vision, sight and perception by visualizing OM.
    • Learn new activities involving motor nerves by visualizing symbol OM.
    • Learn to align the chakras by visualizing the sacred symbol OM.
    • Learn to filter your intuition from stray thoughts.
    • Learn to deepen your intuition and staying with it.
    • Learn the core of philosophy- religion- yoga- Tantra via symbol OM.
    • Learn the secrets behind religious iconography.
    • Learn the formation of Shiva Linga, the snake hood, the Yoni in the brain.
    • Learn the connection between science and religion via Neurotheology.
    • Learn that autism, ADD, ADHD are not necessarily a disease.
    • Learn the basis behind animal communication and animal therapy.
    • Learn to develop your own healing techniques with tangible results.
    • Learn effective empathy. Words and feelings that are backed by brain waves.
    • Learn to cure trauma, PTSD, psychic troubles for self and for others.
    • Learn the non- verbal communication of love.
    • In conclusion – Know the missing link of Spirituality: The Sacred Symbol OM.
      • Be your spiritual self every moment.
      • Create your own mindfulness without any external help.
      • Set yourself free from all bondages.
      • Do not try to do; do not try not to do. Be yourself. Activate Visual OM.

Who is the author?

  • Author – Amitabh Divakar, born Feb 1965, in Patna, India.
  • 1983-1987. Graduated in Architecture from prestigious University of Roorkee (now IIT Roorkee) followed by practice of architecture in various capacity in villages and cities. Presently based in New Delhi.

How did the author discover this secret?

  • The curiosity on Symbol OM, it’s occurrence within, intuited while searching for that ‘perfect shot’ at the Pistol shooting ranges. Search for ‘that which is the doer’. Diving into Yoga and scriptures offered a clue- It was taming of 1. Sight, 2. Vision and 3. Mind, that constitutes archer’s precision. Separating sight from vision was yet possible, but mind?? Where is that? Then I was told…” You know it, mind does not exist”. By now the trained architect would find more love from animals than humans. This took me to sleep and EEG labs to figure out what was happening in my head. After two decades of searching, my compelling offering is on Neurotheology of Symbol OM.

Is the author himself a realized person.

  • Maybe not. The author does not claim to be realized but yes the author claims to be aware. Author also knows that he has come across some realized souls who have experienced different degrees of Samadhi, and has their blessings on this journey. I state this with all integrity and honesty.

What at is the conclusion?

The Conclusion:

  • The form of OM is a trace of pattern of flow of energy which activates brain anatomy and more. It energises four stages of mind and also emanates quantifiable mind waves. The dissolution of OM into the heart, beyond Ego-Self where even the mantra OM ceases to exist is OM Shanti- Shanti-Shanti, is the stage of silence beyond OM. Thus OM is present in all beings, at all times in awake, dreaming, REM, dreamless sleep. The state of meditation, realisation or knowing can be Dvait or Advait.

The Evidence

“Knowledge can only be got in one way, the way of experience;,

there is no other way to know.” ~ Swami Vivekananda.

The challenge that any new discovery, especially of the spiritual kind faces is to give or say communicate the evidence of the personal experiences.

Some experiences can be recorded with available technology, like pictures, EEG

But the real test of hypothesis has to be experienced.

I reckon that no evidence will be sufficient to explain a personal experience to another human being.

Yet in this proposal I proudly present evidence from many aspects as follows:

Evidence provided –

1. Perception or Personal experience.
2. Scientific and empirical experiments.
3. Inferences drawn from personal and empirical.
4. Analogical studies between science & spirituality.
5. Scriptural evidence or reference from sacred texts.

  1. Testing and verifying the inferences drawn with practical application.

What is the takeaway?

  • Better than worshipping of symbol OM as a mysterious powerful iconography, it is better to realise OM Within, at all times in all the beings.

Why do I believe in this new teaching?

  • Belief can come only after knowing, after experiencing personally. I, as author am expressing because I believe in what I say here. If there are no contradictions in my statements then there is a reason for you to take it with some positivity. Moreover I am providing evidence from many perspectives.

How can this learning be applied?

  • As of now neuroscience is in infancy. There is yet no instrument to read heart waves. Imagine people connecting on social media based on their biometrics and their prevalent brain waves at that very moment. Neurotheology or the connect between spirituality and neurology is not even a decade old field. We are looking for God all over. Maybe it is resting within us closer than we can imagine. If not God, how about attaining our peaceful nascent state and just be ourselves. How about communicating with animals. The visual OM can achieve all this and more.

Do I have to do something new, in order to learn this?

  • Most systematic learnings, if not all, follow a pattern. To Ask, to be curious, to observe, to experience, to reject what seems out of sync. Keep moving. There is nothing new in this. Now there is a new curiosity. A new subject, the Symbol OM.

Do I need to have a religion to understand and benefit from this?

  • Understanding is better when we do not have any burden, even the burden of religion can be a hindrance. This is not to say that religion is not needed. Even the OM, Amin, Amen are from religion.

Do I need to continually practise as a must?

  • Understanding and realisation is important. Knowing is better than practicing something without understanding. We know that constant practice without understanding can be harmful.

Is there any side effect, anything possibly harmful here?

  • Channelling of energies that cannot be adsorbed or dissipated can lead to mild body aches or worse as what is known as Kundalini syndrome. I am going to be very cautious in releasing the techniques which should go to only the qualified, who have done their ‘Sadhana’ and are free from anger, jealousies etc.

How will people with religious bent of mind take this?

  • Broadly there are two types of religious thinking. God with form and God that is formless. There is space for atheists also. The hypothesis presented is that God is both with form and formless and can be realised within and by every individual. This will satisfy even the atheist.

Does it then establish superiority of Hinduism over other religion?

  • Hinduism as the collective practices of people across river Indus (from where term Hindus came) belong to the broader religion called ‘Sanatana’ in Sanskrit. Sanatana means that which has ‘no beginning nor end’. Symbol OM is part of that Sanatana of which Hinduism belongs. Hinduism therefore does not talk of finality in religion.

If you were to ask a direct question to spiritual gurus?

  • The primary question – Why is OM written the way it is? Where is the Symbol OM within me? For outside is all Maya or illusion as they say. I say – ‘Show me OM’, the Visual OM.

Is this meant to disrupt existing religion?

  • Counter question is – If a perfect boat is lying unused on the shore. Will it be disruptive if someone took it to the seas for the benefit of all? Should we worship food or eat it? Should we worship books or read them? Should we worship sacred symbols or realise them?

Why was this not done before?

  • Possibly because the technology did not exist. Possibly it was done but lost or did not become known. We know that over time, many books and contained knowledge are lost to us.

Is this offering going to upset people of religious faith?

  • The people likely to be upset are maybe those who claim exclusive superiority based on genetics or some other notions. Let us say the alt-right people are likely to be unhappy, so will be those who hide under the mask of religious superiority.

Are those who believe that religion is bogus and detrimental going to be upset?

  • Yes, it will upset those who rebel against religion and are kind of allergic to anything religious with their never ending logic. This offering will make them think deeper, which they are capable of, but do not exercise.

Is this not going to make a decadent lazy society where people are doing nothing just visualizing a diagram?

  • The most active and vibrant period of the Indic-Vedic civilization was when we were building grand temples, cities, transport vehicles, sculptures, art and writing great text. This was executed by people who followed the Pranava Veda. Pranava Veda states that OM is both Light and Sound. The light aspect of OM creates forms, sculpture, architecture and objects of utility. Our grand temples are an example of this diligence. The internalization of the primal energy OM as light, sound and form will make active individuals and a vibrant just society.

Is there a qualification like age, religion or sex to know this?

Are there health benefits by knowing symbol OM?

– Health is to the capacity of the individual at that point in life. Health is also meant to meet the objective or the life’s purpose. Thus health is not merely about muscle and bones and biological functions. Health, holistically is about being in peace, in ones true self, in ‘Sahaj Rupa’. This can be achieved only when the mind can experience rest. And come to its resting point whenever subjected to disturbances. Is there a tool that can help a person irrespective of age or gender to remain in pristine state. That tool is the visual OM. The Sacred symbol OM.

Where all and in which spheres of life can this be applied?

  • It can be applied with every breath. With every blink. With every syllable uttered. This is the visual icon of Mahamantra OM. The greatest mantra can be visualised in silence, in every breath, every moment by every being.

Will this make me a better human being?

  • I am sure it will. And how? If we discover our own self, if we stop blaming others, develop empathy that is based on self love. If we can reach our zone of silence. If we can help ourselves before asking for external help. We are stronger and better to help ourselves and to help others.

Is this HathaYoga?

  • No this will qualify more as Gyan Yoga. It does make Hatha Yoga easier because after some practice the person gets centred in an instant.

Is this Tantra?

  • Tantra means instrument. Tantra offers instrument(s) to manifest. Tantra also uses Mantra or sound waves as an instrument. OM is a Mahamantra. All chanting starts with OM and ends with OM Shanti-Shanti- Shanti. As per Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, there are 108 meditation techniques, covering almost every condition. Some of these techniques confirm the proposed hypothesis.

Anything that is intriguing?

  • There is so much talk/noise in religion, yet the symbol of OM is neither discussed, nor explained. Why this mystery? Time to find the answers. Inviting you to explore OM Within.

Any expectations?

  • Let us be honest, the question has just been asked, the answer is not even out. The offering deserves a fair and critical evaluation. I await criticism as well as acceptance.

What is the present status of research?

  • Research is complete with 100’s of QEEG evidence. Copyright and Trademark have been registered.

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