Surrender to Sri Rama

Why did Hanuman or Sita, possessing inherent strength to defeat the adharmī Ravana, choose devoted surrender to Sri Rama for her rescue? Why should we all unequivocally surrender to Sri Rama? Because simply saying ‘Rama’ lifts the burden of results, as Ajānabāhu himself shoulders it. He fills us with hope and positivity, and we witness our actions yielding positive outcomes.

Shiva Mahima

The story of a hunter and his accidental offerings to Shiva gives us a glimpse of Shiva Mahima…

Bharat Mata

Dukh, Depression and Journeys of Life Part IV – Journey of Bharata

I have always been in awe of how Bharat as a country has treated any Dukha or sorrow. From the time our civilization has started, our country has been unique in the way Dukha has been given acceptance and respect so much that we even had one philosophy or religion based on Dukha – Buddhism. While most other countries and civilization were more interested in Bhog-vilas (success and luxury), we were more interested in accepting and handling Dukha. One could even say that our explanation of Karma was in a way aimed at explaining why we have Dukha and how we can prevent ourselves from having it in the future.