Yamuna Part II: A Study Of Its Links From The Sarasvati Findings

Balarama’s pilgrimage tracing the Saraswati River from its confluence with the Western Ocean to its source in the lower Himalayas is detailed in the Shalya Parva of Mahabharata in chapters 33 to 52. Balarama follows the trail of Saraswati and finds its middle part lost in the desert, exactly where now lies the Thar Desert.

Makara Samkrānti and Uttarāyana

The Samskŗt word Samkrānti means transference, transit, migration, shifting, etc. Makara Samkrānti is the transit of the Sun from the Dhanu Rāṡi to the Makara Rāṡi. This year Makara Samkrānti is celebrated on 14th January.