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Workshop On Janya Ragas

Indian Music is based on Ragas. Ragas live through various types of compositions. Among them some compositions are classified as light classical compositions. They are in all Indian languages and find their place at the concluding part of any classical music concert, exclusive devotional concerts and in congregational singing. Some well-known compositions like these are Hari tum haro (Hindi – Meera Bhai), Poonkuyil Koovidum (Tamil – Kalki), Brahma kadigina (Telugu – Annamayya) and so on. Our great vaggeyakarashad has given a platform to their feelings and divine experiences through these compositions.

Many such compositions which were once frequently heard and known to the rasikas have become lesser known to the present generation. Hence the present workshop. Twelve selected majestic vilambikala compositions in Janya Ragas will be taught in this workshop.

The workshop is being planned to teach as many as possible compositions within three days. As always, the workshops will be in Gurukula pattern without any fee. Boarding and lodging will be free of cost. The participants should be young performing artists, music teachers and senior students of music. Three senior musicians, along with othe performers and Gurus will be present to help conduct the workshop. The workshop is being planned for 20 participants, who, it is hoped, will imbibe the lessons of this workshop and spark a revival of these compositions.


Co-ordinator: Dr. R. Kausalya, Retired Principal, Tamil Nadu Government Music College, Tiruvaiyaru with teaching experience of 48 years.

Place: Marabu Foundation, a traditional villlage house at Thillaisthanam.

Duration: 3 days

Date: November 18th to November 21st, 2018

Marabu Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims at promoting peace and harmony through Literature and Fine Arts. Marabu Foundation, Founded and Registered in 2006, conducts Workshops on Traditional music and cultural forms in Gurukula paddhati where in teachers and the participants stay in the very same place. These activities are conducted in the rural atmosphere of Thillaisthanam, a small village, 15 KM. away from the historical town Thanjavur in Tamilnadu. The Foundation offers free boarding and accommodation for the participants.

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