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What Next?

You have worked for 15-20 years taking care of the children. Now they have settled down. Perhaps in a far away land. Emptiness pervades your day and you begin asking the big question ‘What next’? What should I do? How can I fulfill my passion? How can I nurture my potential? How can I serve my Dharma, while discovering and fulfilling my Svadharma?

Welcome to Indic 30 or the I-30.

At Indic Academy we believe that women are key to promoting our civilisational thought and bringing about a renaissance. I-30 is an attempt to tap into the latent power of women who are facing the ’empty nest’ syndrome. The potential waiting to be tapped amongst this group is immense and can be a game changer.

So what is I-30 ? Alright.You guessed it! We are hugely inspired by Anand Kumar’s Super 30. We are aiming for something similar. We propose to select a group of 30 Indic women and transform them. Put them through a boot camp and handhold them through a series of steps that will help them discover, nurture and fulfill their potential. Help them become an academic, author, artist or an activist.

Fine. So how exactly will we go about this?

We will first establish two things –

  • What is your aptitude? Aptitude is simply a set of unique skills that you are endowed with. Something that comes naturally to you. Your aptitude can be that of a thinker, organiser or a communicator. Some people have a proclivity for one but most of us are capable of at least two and some rare ones excel in all the three.
  • What is your passion? What are you passionate about? Do you simply love that subject or action? Say history or language or literature or art or philosophy or any of the myriad streams and sub streams of Indic Knowledge Systems.

When your aptitude and passion meet, magic is created. Not just the quality of your output but you feel a sense of completeness. You are in the zone. Your persona is transformed.

We now train you hone your skills in your chosen area . This training can take multiple forms – directly by us or sponsoring you to attend a course by another institution. We identify a mentor. We facilitate your field trips. We make you attend workshops, seminars and conferences. The works.

As a member of I-30, we aim to help you discover yourself. Nurture yourself. Set you on a path of self discovery.

You Can Become An Academic

Did you know at KSRI( more than 18 students in Indic Knowledge Systems are women who have commenced their PhD program at the age of 40? If you are inclined for the academia, becoming a research scholar and eventually a PhD is very much a possibility.

We will help your research, identify the right guide and university and finally publish your dissertation as a book.

Or A Writer

What is in common to Sai Swaroopa Iyer, Manoshi Sinha, Shefali Vaidya, Aditi Banerjee and Rashma Kalsi? All of them chose to become authors. Some of them have written their first book while some have written several. All driven by their passion to tell stories. They did not have any formal training. They are self taught authors who simply picked their pens and began writing.

We will teach you how to write. We will publish your book. We will help you launch it across our global network.

Or An Entrepreneur

There is a global demand for our heritage and timeless knowledge. Be it Yoga, Craft, Ayurveda, Vegetarian Cuisine or Experiential Tourism. Global consumers are looking for products, services or experiences that are authentic, immersive and transformative.

You could consider becoming a social entrepreneur. We will incubate your ideas and accelerate them.

So come join us in our first batch of I-30 and begin the next phase of your life. Dharma beckons you and your Svadharma is waiting to be unleashed. Time again for parenting. Time again to mother the nest that is bustling with ideas and potential.

Write to us at with your bio and a statement of purpose. We will start the first batch on 8th October. The program will be spread over six months till March 2020.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article belong to the author. Indic Today is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in the article.

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