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Weekend With Wisdom

Are you a research student or a public intellectual who in parallel is pursuing your passion for our civilizational thought and Indic Knowledge Systems?

Are you suffering a writer’s block or seeking fresh ideas for your research?

Indic Academy has just the right program for you.

Weekend with Wisdom

Under this program we are inviting five research students or committed public intellectuals for a weekend retreat with a chosen venerable and erudite scholar. The scholars are curated from our network and will be from different fields and background. The selected students should already be familiar with the scholar’s work and those who are exploring new ideas to build upon the scholar’s work or create a new stream of thought inspired from the scholar’s work.

The retreats are meant to be for free-flowing exchange of ideas. The structure of the retreat is open and flexible. The participants can themselves determine the pace, intensity and depth of learning they seek from the retreat with the scholar. Lessons can be taught during a walk or after a silent contemplation watching the sun set.

Our expectations from the students are quite simple – a book, or a research paper or a monograph or any form of intellectual or artistic expression. There is no compulsion of course. We trust you. We know that you will surely deliver an output. If not for yourself, for continuing the school of thought of the scholar you revere and most importantly and the reason why we exist, for preserving, protecting and promoting our civilisational thought.

Six retreats have been planned till March 2020.

The first three scholars who have been invited and agreed to participate are:

  • Shrikant Talageri
  • Krishnamurthi Ramasubramanian
  • Meenakshi Jain.

A few more scholars have been approached and their confirmation is awaited.

Watch this space for a ‘Weekend with Wisdom’. A weekend that will transform you.

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