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We have completed 5 years and are launching INDICA Ver 2.0

Happy Sri Rama Navami

We complete 5 years today.

The work done by us is already on record and I will not overwhelm you with data, suffice it to say it has been an exciting and fulfilling journey. I thank each one of you for all that you have done. This is truly a volunteer driven effort of the kind that is not often seen. Any attempt to frame it in words is certain to fail. We all tapped into Bharatiya consciousness and the form evolved, bringing all of us together for a common goal, captured comprehensively in the infographic below. Gratitude to all of you who have helped in shaping this. In each cell, there is a part of one or some of you that brought life, energy and commitment to a specific dimension. Collectively it has become our purpose.


Where do we go from here? What is INDICA Ver 2.0?

Well for starters we are moving from a ‘push’ to ‘pull’ strategy. Any one of you can take up any of the dimensions mentioned in the graph and simply reach out and we will respond with the size and terms of the resources we can extend for your endeavor. In other words, Ver 2.O will be entirely driven by you. Be it an event or a grant or a course or a publication or a research fellowship, both the idea and the execution have to come from you. We will simply extend our help with some set parameters. A people’s movement will become even more so, with the appropriate governance structures in place. Shared purpose, values, process driven decision making, empowered execution and lastly but most importantly accountability are the key features of a thriving and lasting organization. Together we will build an institution that will be built to last.

Personally, in the coming year, I will devote my time to the following three areas:

  1. Planning and executing a multidisciplinary Gurukula and Inter University Center at Hyderabad. This will be a unique and one of a kind institution that will build a bridge between Shastras, Indic Knowledge Systems and Indology.
  2. Engaging with select senior scholars on a one on one basis to determine and fulfil their legacy, be it digital, print or living legacy by way of trained proteges. We have an urgent responsibility to ensure that the legacy of our senior most and venerable carriers of our ancient wisdom is not lost.
  3. Develop Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICE), a not for profit venture initiated as a part of our Center for Soft Power for nurturing cultural entrepreneurs and building a global Angel Network of investors who are keen on investing in cultural enterprises.


In Gratitude

Hari …


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