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Travel Grant for Interdisciplinary Analysis

Pragnabharathi and Indic Academy are conducting a full day seminar “Bharat beyond the Aryan Invasion Myth” on December 7th, at Hyderabad. Curated by Srinivas Udumudi, Convenor Indic Academy a wide variety of experts are speaking across 5 disciplines at the seminar. More information about the event can be found here.

In order to encourage interdisciplinary thinking, Indic Academy is now pleased to announce one travel grant to students/scholars/public intellectuals who are pursuing interdisciplinary studies to attend the seminar and understand how to approach this subject from the view point of different disciplines. Post the seminar, selected participant is expected to present his or her analysis as a research paper to be published on

Those interested in attending may please send their statement of purpose along with their resume to


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