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Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom – By Prof V Krishnamurthy

Indic Academy announces the launch of the book “Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom” authored by Prof V Krishnamurthy. The book is a collection of the author’s thoughts which are aimed at “any English speaking citizens of the world who seeks to know something beyond the needs and pleasures of material welfare.” 

The author of “Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom” is a former Professor of Mathematics, a Sanskrit scholar and exponent of Vedanta. Prof. Krishnamurthy served as the Director of K. K. Birla Academy, New Delhi and a former Dy. Director and Professor of Mathematics at BITS, Pilani for more than two decades. He was initiated into the Vedic traditions at a young age and underwent systematic training under the guidance of his father Shri R. Viswanatha Sastrigal, an erudite scholar of Sanskrit. Prof. Krishnamurthy has given numerous lectures on ancient scriptures like the Upanishads, Valmiki Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita to Indian and American audiences. He has to his credit more than a dozen books, covering subjects like Mathematics at all levels, Hinduism for the general reader and Advaita philosophy for the seriously oriented. A number of his writings on Sanatana Dharma and philosophy are available online. 

The foreword of his book is written by Swami Paramarthananda, a revered Advaitic scholar and Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who commends the author’s work. The eclectic wisdom conveyed through the Thoughts in the book is ideal for spiritual seekers who are working towards the path of thought transformation through the process of contemplation. 

You can click here to purchase the book. 


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