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Supporting Spiritual Retreats – An Announcement

Indic Academy seeks to bring about a global renaissance based on Indic Civilisational thought. Through it’s Center for Spirituality, IA aims to bring authenticity, structure and completeness to the global spiritual landscape, through courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level of seekers. These courses are meant to train them to become Life/Executive Coaches, Acharyas and Gurus in the field of Yoga and Vedanta.

Apart from courses, CS also seeks to conduct authentic, immersive and transformative retreats in collaboration with other like minded organisations, teachers, Acharyas and Gurus. As a part of this initiative, IA is pleased to announce a new scheme of grants for retreats that have the following features:

  • Yoga Retreats that incorporate teaching of Yogasutras, Mantras and spoken Sanskrit
  • Spiritual Retreats that are text based or centred around the concepts of Vedanta

Applications consisting of the background of the teacher, Acharyas, Gurus or institutions, budget and other details regarding the retreat can be sent to The scheme would include support of upto INR. 50,000 and can be customized based on the merits of the individual application.

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