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Sridhar Vembu Joins Our Governing Council

We are pleased to announce that Sridhar Vembu, CEO and Founder of ZOHO Corporation has joined our Governing Council as a member. We had earlier announced the formation of a Governing Council as a part of our steps to establish suitable governance structures that will enable us to grow into a leading global educational institution. Apart from the Governing Council, we have also established an Academic Council and an Environmental, Social, and Governance Council.

Commenting on the development, Founder Hari Kiran said, “We warmly welcome Sri Sridhar Vembu onto our Governing Council. His is an extraordinary story that inspires us all. He is a strong advocate for a move back to the villages and has personally set an example for others to follow. We are sure to benefit from his vast experience, deep insights, and extraordinary passion for India. He is the quintessential Indic who is rooted and free.”

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