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16-Year-Old Clears The Tenali Exams

Indic Academy supports the Tenali Exams, a unique institution that operates like an ‘open university’. Students lives with their Gurus in various parts of the country and learn as per the traditional ‘Griha Gurukula’ system. Twice in a year all the Gurus and Students come to Tenali for their written and oral semester exams. After a period of 5-6 years of study, they take the “Mahapariksha’ under the supervision of Kanchi Mutt. Clearing this test will give them the requisite recognition.

Over the last 40 years, “Tenali Exams’ as they are popularly known has become marquee institution in the field of study of Shastras.

Indic Academy has been supporting “Tenali Exams” since 2015. It currently supports 40 students in the study various Shastras.

We are pleased to announce that 16 year old Priyavrata Devadatta Patil, who while studying Veda & Nyaya from his father also studied all Vyakarana MahaGranthas from Sri Mohana Sharma. He has now cleared all the 14 levels and is the youngest to have cleared MahaPariksha.

Indic Academy has supported Priyavarta in his journey by way of scholarship grants. We are proud of his achievements and wish him all the very best for his future edeavours.

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  • वैद्य सुविनय दामले कुडाळ सिंधुदुर्ग says:

    व्वाह अतिशय आनंदाची आणि अभिमानास्पद बातमी !
    व्याकरणरत्न प्रियव्रत यांचे आणि त्याला या अभ्यासासाठी प्रवृत्त करणारे मातापिता आणि सर्व आचार्यांचे मनापासून अभिनंदन.
    सुविनय दामले आणि सर्व दामले परिवार

  • V all are very proud of you,Along with you congratulations to your parents and good wishes for your future journey,GOD BLESS YOU

  • Great.Congratulations.

  • महदिदं प्रमोदस्थानम् । आयुष्मते प्रियव्रताय नैकाः मङ्लकामनाः । आचार्येभ्यः देवदत्तेभ्यः सादरप्रणामाः । शास्त्रसंरक्षणैकतत्परायाः इंडिक् अकाडेमी संस्थायाः कृते हार्दान्यभिनन्दनानि । वर्धतामभिवर्धताम् एतादृशं शास्त्रकुलम् ।


  • Jayashree Kannan says:

    Namaste, Sri Gurubyo Namaha, May we know the history of Tenali Veda Sastra Pariksha & Veda Patasala. By whom & when it was founded?

  • Brilliant Chiranjeevi Privrttha Deva Dutta Patil for your Achievement at such an young Age -I pray Sri.Saraswathi Devi to help you with more successes .-Dheerga Ayushmaan Bhava -S.R.Somayaji