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Satire and how fiction imitates life

Does life imitate fiction or fiction imitate life?

Sanjeev Sanyal economist and renowned author of Land of the Seven Rivers, speaks on the topic of satire and fiction and life in the context of his latest book, “Life over Two Beers and other stories”, which has been described as an entertaining and surprising ride through an India you thought you knew. It’s a collection of unusual stories written with Sanjeev’s trademark flair, irreverence and wit.

In ‘The Troll’, a presumptuous blogger faces his undoing when he sets out to expose an Internet phenomenon. In the title story, a young man loses his job in the financial crisis and tries to reset his life over two beers. In ‘The Intellectuals’, a foreign researcher spends some memorable hours with Kolkata’s ageing intellectuals. From the vicious politics of a Mumbai housing society to the snobberies of Delhi’s cocktail circuit, the stories in Life over Two Beers get under the skin of a rapidly changing India-and leave you chuckling.

So do not miss this opportunity to interact with Sanjeev Sanyal if you are in Pune on the given date.

Venue: Nitu Mandke Sancheti Hall IMA building, Tilak Road, Pune 411002.
Date: 25th May, 2018.
Time: 6.00 PM

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