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Jyotirvajapeya and Chaturmasya Yajna in Andhra Pradesh

Vajapeya Yajna

Sri Mahaperiyava of Kanchi said “The Welfare of the entire world depends on the Vaidika-yajna-karma-anushtanam performed in India. There need not be any doubts in this matter. The entire world exists because of yajna.” And one of the most important component is “Karta” or the sacrificer.

It was three decades ago when the Kanchi Acharya looked keenly at the young and the then newly married Dendukuri Anjaneya Wajapeyi;  and asked him to follow up his heritage of conducting Yajna. His family had been conducting Yajnas for many centuries. Ever since, Dendukuri Anjaneya Wajapeyi has been conducting Yajnas. In the months of January and February, he performed Vajapeya Yajna. Separate performance of Chaturmasya sacrifice was also undertaken at a different venue.

While Chaturmasya is a nitya karma, Vajapeya is a shrauta sacrifice, conducted for loka-kshema, i.e., welfare of the society. It seeks to energize the environment that would facilitate welfare. The mantras chanted in specific order bring peace, prosperity, and welfare to all living beings at an energy level. The divinities invoked and invited are the facilitators of energy transformation.

Indic Academy is delighted to have participated in this noble endeavour through monetary contributions. A sum of INR 25,000 was granted to the organizers for the sacrifice. Details of the rituals can be found in the following flyers.

Vajapeya Yajna Vajapeya Yajna


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