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Roots and Shoots is a competition for grandchildren and grandparents.

Outside of the classroom, grandparents are the greatest source of learning for children. Learning that is timeless. Learning that is infused with values. Learning that you can go back to in moments of need. As you grow, the bond you form with your grandparents is something deep and one that lasts a lifetime.

We now want you to celebrate this bond. In a special way. We call it the Roots & Shoots way.

Go back to your grandparents and partner with them. Ask them for any idea from our heritage, our civilisational thought, our Puranas, our Indic knowledge systems, or our indigenous folk traditions and tales. Use their ideas and wisdom and participate in our competition. It is their idea but your execution. You could write a short story, make a short movie, draw a painting, make a sculpture, or a prototype or even an idea for a business.

This is a multimedia competition. Medium is not important. It is the message. Of your grandparents. We want to know how well you can bring life to their ideas and wisdom.

The last date for submission is 10 October. Remember it is a competition for both you and your grandparents. So do share their particulars. The prizes belong to them too.

To register, you can click here.

Indic Academy has recently launched a G-20 program targeted at retired Govt employees.  As a part of this initiative, Indic Academy will sponsor the prizes for this competition.

(IGenPlus is joint initiative between Soumya Aggarwal and Indic Academy.)

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