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Retrospective – Prospective Part III: Webinar on Rebirth of India by Michel Danino

Webinar on Rebirth of India by Michel Danino


Our last two webinars in the Retrospective – Perspective Series attracted great interest from Indic enthusiasts, and praise too — “By far one of the best intellectual engagements in Indic space in the recent past”, one participant commented. We now bring you an important webinar on Michel Danino’s work, Indic Academy’s third installment of its Retrospective-Prospective series.

From the age of 21 when he arrived in India, Danino was deeply interested in exploring and understanding Indian civilization. The output of his scholarly literary efforts — 4 books (with another 6 edited volumes), a large number of translations, over 30 books chapters, 30 research articles, and numerous popular essays and videos — is a demonstration of his extraordinary commitment to scholarship on India. The Padma Shri award conferred on him in 2017 is an apt recognition of his contribution to this field.

This Saturday on June 20th, we welcome you to a discussion with Michel Danino on his works. We have put together a diverse panel of interlocutors who will conduct a dialogue with Danino on his decades of work right up to his recent years at IIT Gandhinagar as a visiting professor. We have also prepared a great download package of reading material for all those who register.

Webinar date: Saturday, June 20th, 2020
Time: 4:30-8:30pm IST & 7:00-11:00am EST.
Srinivas Udumudi
Convenor, Retrospective – Prospective Webinar Series


                                      Panel Discussions with Prof. Michel Danino

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