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Read & Review Academic Books

Indic Book Club is being incubated by Indic Academy as a platform for book lovers.

IBC is building a community of readers interested in our civilisational history and knowledge and promoting authors who intellectually and emotionally belong to our civilisation. Apart from being a platform for readers to add, review, share books and engage with other members, IBC has been actively promoting Indic Authors and books through its give away program. Since its launch in 2015, IBC has given away over 9000 books.

“Buy me a Book” Scheme for Research Scholars 

IBC recently launched a ‘Buy me a Book’ scheme to encourage research in the areas of Shastras, Indology and Indic Knowledge Systems as  most academic books in these domains published overseas are expensive and remain out of reach for an independent scholar, public intellectual or a research student who do not have access to an institutional library or support. Under this scheme, any scholar, student or committed public intellectual can write to us with the name of the academic book they wish to read or refer for their research.After a quick review of the request by our curator  Abhinav Agarwal,  IBC will buy the same and have it delivered them as a loan. Once the research is done the same is to be returned to IBC for usage by others.

Read & Review

In continuation of this initiative in order to encourage scholars and public intellectuals currently not involved in any research to read and write reviews of academic books , IBC will be publicising a name of an academic book every day over social media inviting scholars and committed public intellectuals to read and review the same. Interested scholars and public intellectuals may keep track of such daily announcements and write to us at for a copy. After reading the book, they can publish the short reviews on IBC and long reviews may be submitted to us for publication.

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