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Purna Vidya Silent Retreat

Purna Vidya is organizing a Navaratri retreat at Tapasyalayam, Uttarkashi. The program is a silent retreat with daily Poojas performed and satsang time spent with Swamini Pramananda (Ammaji) and Swami Siddhabodhananda Saraswati. During each day of the Navaratri, the Ambal Rupam of the day will be invoked during the avahanam rituals. No classes will be conducted during the retreat. Instead, you will have an opportunity to spend time with the Gurus during the satsang and enjoy the tranquility of Ma Ganga.

If you are interested in attending this retreat and wish to make Navaratri offerings, please register by filling up this form. The retreat will be conducteed from 9th to 19th October, 2018.

Indic Academy will provide a sponsorship of Rs 15000 to two people interested in attending the retreat. Please send us a mail at if you are willing to participate in it this Navratri.

You may read more about Swamiji and Ammaji here.


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