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Indica Renaissance Fund Launches A ‘Public Patronage Partnership’

Over the past 5 years, Indic Academy has been at the forefront of giving grants, emerging as a significant institution that nurtures scholars and causes for Indic Knowledge Systems. Our grant schemes extend to a wide variety of end uses including scholarship, travel, research, publishing, promotions, projects, events etc. Through a restructuring exercise all grants will now be made through a separate vehicle being established for this purpose ‘INDICA Renaissance Fund’. ( IRF)

We are now pleased to announce a new matching grant scheme ‘Public Patronage Partnership’. Under this PPP model, a sum of up to Rs 5000 pm will be given as a matching grant by IRF to those individual academics and scholars teaching or researching subjects related Indic Knowledge Systems and who also seek patronage for their work from the public through Patreon.( or other similar platforms. (The choice of the platform is left entirely to the individual scholar).

Academics/Scholars are encouraged to open an account with Patreon / other platforms and share their account details on their social media profiles as well as intimate IRF. IRF will then publicise these accounts through various platforms/social media handles and encourage individual donors from the public to contribute to the scholar(s) who they wish to support.

At the beginning of every month, IRF will match the donations received by the individual scholars in the previous month up to a sum of Rs 5000 pm for a period of one year. We are launching this scheme to encourage individual scholars to seek patronage from the public for their work. Similarly for the public who are keen on supporting IKS scholars to have a sense of partnership through their monthly commitments.

We have currently allocated an overall budget of Rs 12 lacs to kickstart this initiative and can increase the amount based on the response received.

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