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Tantrotsava 2020 at Kalarigram

Tantrotsava 2020 Ardhanareeswara

Tantrotsav is the annual festival of Kalarigram Trust, organized by Yogishandanda Peetham, and is held every year during the nine days preceding Mahashivaratri. Tantrotsav 2020 on the theme Ardhanareeswara is being celebrated between 12th and 21st February, 2020. It is a celebration of the oneness of the divine, experienced through the thread that binds our traditional rituals, art forms, and worship.

Tantrotsav 2020 Poster

Tantrotsav 2020 explores the union of Prakriti and Purusha through the theme of Ardhanareeswara. The energy that flows along the ida and pingala nadis that join at the sahasrarachakra drenching the practitioner in universal bliss.

The events at the festival include workshops on Kalaripayattu training, Yoga, and Ayurveda. Talks or Satsang by the learned followed by performances is a daily activity. Indic Academy is proud to support this endeavour by funding the talks during Tantrotsav 2020.  The schedule of the talks is as follows-

Tantrotsav schedule

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