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Made With Mantra

Indic Academy is pleased to launch a new platform called ‘Made with Mantra’.

While the benefits of Sanskrit chanting on an individual are being established scientifically, Made with Mantra (MWM) seeks to take this research a step further. MWM is set up to explore the benefits of chanting therapy on the food prepared whilst the maker/ cook is listening to chanting. Our Ayurvedic texts do talk about the efficacy of medicines prepared by a Vaidya whose mind is calm. We now seek to extend this idea to food preparations and examine the nutritional and other beneficial effects of consuming food that has been prepared whilst listening to chanting.

Our overall strategy is three fold :

  • Multi pronged research into the beneficial effects of consuming food prepared whilst listening to chanting
  • Promote awareness about the benefits of consuming such food
  • Establish MWM as a global standard to be displayed on products prepared whilst listening to chanting.

As a first step, we are pleased to invite 50 Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants across United States keen on promoting a holistic life style and willing to participate in our research, to write us to for a mantra box made by We believe the 41 mantras across three categories of peace, inspiration and protection recorded in a mellifluous voice will have a significant impact on the food prepared at your restaurant.

Over the course of time we intend to expand the scope of our engagement into online and offline courses and retreats enabling periodical evaluation of the research findings.

Apart from the restaurants, we also invite committed public intellectuals who resonate with this idea to join us on this chanting journey. We are forming a separate network – Indic Chanting Network to share and explore ideas and keeping up to date with our progress. Write to us at

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  • LINGA REDDY says:

    Is it possible to list out names of the mantras ? I am also conducting some experiements. As of now, we can rely a bit on Shanti Srirams chants.

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