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Launch Of Platform For Indic Knowledge Systems

On this auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi, Indic Academy is pleased to announce a new platform to aggregate and promote online courses for Indic Knowledge Systems (

The online courses market for Indic Knowledge Systems is at a nascent stage of development. While some universities and digital platforms have taken the initiative to develop courses over the last few years, much needs to be done to expand the reach. The value chain of online courses can be represented as below:

Generally speaking, for the universities online courses are more of a distraction not attracting enough attention of the faculty nor the requisite resources by the administration. For the digital platforms that seek to develop online courses, managing the entire value chain – origination, creation as well as promotion with their limited resources and uncertain revenue stream has been challenging. For the individual scholars who seek to offer courses under their own name and brand, ability to evaluate and access technology infrastructure remains a challenge.

Indic Academy seeks to address these gaps by incubating Indic Knowledge Systems, a platform that will focus on aggregating and promoting online courses by creating awareness amongst students and public intellectuals and also providing the technical infrastructure to individual scholars. For Universities and digital platforms it will free up scarce resources which they can use for creation of new content. For individual scholars, it help them convert their knowledge into online courses.

Over a period of time, IA will hive IKS into a separate section 8 company with participation from all players on the lines of edX.

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