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Indica Delhi: ‘Women In The Itihasa-Puranas’ by Kavita Kane

Kavita Kane

The very utterance of the line ’women in ancient India’ transports one to the world of Gargeyi, Maitreyi, Satyavati, Damayanti, Sita, Kunti, Gandhari, Rukmini, Draupadi, and many more. They were empowered women – women who were Rishikas, philosophers, warriors, administrators, politicians, vaidyas, rulers, and what not! Women in ancient India enjoyed equal status with men, were educated by choice, and enjoyed a number of privileges.

Recently, Gurugram, the place in ancient times that hosted the ashram of Dronacharya, the Guru of the Kauravas and Pandavas, witnessed the retelling of stories of women of ancient India.  Indica Delhi organized here a talk on the theme ‘Women in Itihasa-Puranas’ by Kavita Kane, bestselling author of 6 books. The event was hosted on 24th February at 5.30 PM at Quill And Canvas, a bookstore, art gallery and book-club. It is the hub for book and art lovers in the Delhi/NCR region.

Kavita Kane

Kavita Kane is a revolutionary force in Indian writing, especially on mythology, epics, and Puranic history. She is the author of six bestselling novels – Karna’s Wife, Sita’s Sister, Menaka’s Choice, Lanka’s Princess, The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty and her recent Ahilya’s Awakening. Karna Sangini, a Star TV series is a TV adaptation of her book Karna’s Wife.  Kavita Kane is a former journalist, having worked for 20 years in various media houses including Daily News and Analysis and The Times of India. She opted to become a full time author after the success of her debut novel, Karna’s Wife.

Many of Kavita Kane’s fans turned up to listen to their favorite author at Quill And Canvas. They arrived and took their seats ahead of the author’s arrival. Kavita Kane delivered her talk narrating the stories of six women, one each from each of her six bestselling novels, one by one. She touched on those facets which are rarely talked about.

While very little information is available on Sita’s sisters, Karna’s wife, Ahilya, Surpanakha, Kavita Kane deeply explored into the details of each of these characters from all available sources and presented them brilliantly adding her perspectives in the form of books. At the talk-event, she also narrated about her inspiration behind writing about them. The talk was followed by a question answer session.

Manoshi Sinha, Co-Convenor, Indica Delhi welcomed the audience as well as delivered the vote of thanks.

Kavita Kane

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