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Inspirational Leadership – An Executive Program

Indic Academy’s Center for Spirituality is currently developing a one year diploma in Executive Coaching. The curriculum will be based on our scriptural wisdom and will be taught by a variety of Gurus and scholars. The experience will be authentic, immersive and transformative.

Meanwhile, Professor B. Mahadevan and Dr. Gopal Mahapatra are conducting an executive program titled “Inspirational Leadership – Insights from the East and the West” – based on the wisdom gleaned from our scriptures at IIM-Bangalore from the 1st to 4th of July, 2019.

To quote from the program brochure – This programme uniquely contributes to this theme by a deep study of the Indian scriptures, primarily the Bhagavad Gita and bringing it alongside current approaches and paradigms. Through contemplations and dialogues, and few meditative practices the program seeks to bring out fresh insights, new paradigms and applicable practices to develop leaders in organizations.
More details can be seen here.

Indic Academy is now inviting applications from mid-career executives who are contemplating a career change into Executive Coaching. IA would like to sponsor one selected candidate to attend this program and set him/her on the path towards being an executive coach and more importantly, discovery of their true Self.

Those who are seriously considering a career change may please drop in a mail to



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