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IGenPlus, an experiential learning platform for teenagers, is organizing Inside India – a 15-day expedition for global teenagers to learn Indian art and culture. This immersive journey has a uniquely designed path covering the culturally vibrant Indian history, folk music, ancient art, exotic food, rooted lifestyle, rich values, and local life.

IGenPlus is building the next generation of thought leaders with innovative programs to compliment the school education. Through our workshops, travel programs, courses, and festivals, we aim to provide holistic growth to the teens, making them self-confident, creative and future-ready.

In collaboration with Kamalan, IGenPlus brings to you the launching edition of Inside India, which is a beautiful curation of experiences based on Indian music. Delightfully called, ‘A Musical Trail’, Inside India 2019 will see teenagers from outside India, traversing through the different cities of Southern India for a span of 15 days, exploring and discovering the different forms of Music. The trail will mark the journey in 7 cities including Bangalore, Kochi, Coimbatore, Thanjavur, Auroville, Pondicherry, and Chennai. Each city will witness different episodes on music, food, life, and adventure. Each musical episode will see the best of experts sharing stories from their rich experience.

The objective of the expedition is to give a closer introduction to India and a profound experience of the rich Indian culture and heritage. The excursion will give the students a chance to get optimum exposure for future opportunities, inculcate leadership, instil a growth mindset, promote to become a global citizen, learn about various forms of music, and make friends from all over the world. The students can avail scholarships on the basis of their applications, judged on the levels of academic brilliance, cultural orientation and leadership potential. Apply at:

(IGenPlus is a joint initiative between Soumya Aggarwal and Indic Academy.)

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