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Announcing Indica Yatra – A New Platform

Bharat is the land of “thirthayatras” and “sthalapuranas” with each holy location attracting visitors from all over the country, seeking divine blessings and expressing gratitude for a desire fulfilled. Behind every Yatra, there is a legend, a story of devotion, of evil forces overcome by the righteous, of Dharma prevailing over Adharma. Devotees undertake these Yatras, for fulfilling their vows and during or as a part of the Yatra, stoically experience penances, with an inner strength and resolve derived from deep devotion. These Yatras have culturally defined the sacred geography of our land much before 1947.

Indic Academy (Indica) is pleased to announce the launch of a new platform “INDICA YATRA”, dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting such tours and experiences by

  •  Organising Conferences, Festivals, Workshops
  • Nurturing a network of academics, story tellers, guides, tour operators, film makers, activists and artists
  • Advocating policy interventions
  • Promoting research in the history of all Yatras, locations and legends
  • Publishing travel guides, apps and coffee table books
  • Curating and promoting thematic Tours
  • Collaborating with other like minded organisations

Towards the above goals, a conference titled “Yatra” is proposed to be held in Varanasi in October/November. This conference will be curated by Dr Nagaraj Paturi, Director IGUC-IKS and Anuradha Goyal, founder of Inditales. A domain specific “Indica Yatra Network” will also be nurtured bringing together various stakeholders.

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