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Indic Book Shelf Launch in Kikani Vidhya Mandir, Coimbatore

Indic Book Shelf Launch

Books are the quietest and the most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most knowledgeable and the most patient of teachers. The idea of setting up an exclusive book shelf of Indic books in school libraries came up as a result of frequent observations made by concerned parents and academicians about the deteriorating reading habits amongst young students. Also, it was observed that many school libraries lack sufficient number of books on Indic themes, suitable for various age-groups.

Indica Coimbatore took the initiative to see if this can be addressed by giving grants to interested schools to set up an exclusive shelf of Indic books to encourage the students to read and discover their cultural roots. Perks Matriculation School in Coimbatore was the first to set up an Indic Book Shelf in its library. Kikani Vidya Mandir is the next to follow suit.

The Indic book shelf sponsored by the Indic Academy, Coimbatore Chapter, was formally inaugurated by Mr Krishna Kumar of Akarsh Advertising at the Kikani Vidhya Mandir School Library, on 23rd January, 2020. The dignitaries included Mr Pramod, representing Indic Academy, Mr Rajesh Govindarajulu, freelancer and columnist, Mr Tushar Kikani, Correspondent, Kikani institutions, and Mrs. Geetha Raj, Principal, Kikani Vidhya Mandir.

The importance of reading was highlighted to the students; thereby urging and motivating them to allocate their time usefully every day. The books are kept available to all the students; and events like book reviews, quiz competitions, etc will be planned in due course to encourage students to continue this habit.

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