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INDICA Haryana: Untouched Facets Of Indian History By Manoshi Sinha Rawal

INDICA Haryana and Panchnad Research Institute, Bhiwani study center organised a discussion on the topic ‘Untouched facets of Indian history’ at the Chaudhari Bansi Lal University, Bhiwani. The Department of history at the University lent support while Rath, a non-profit organization based out of Haryana, was the knowledge partner of the event. The key speaker of the event was renowned writer and emerging historian, Mrs. Manoshi Sinha Rawal.

The event began with the felicitation of the Speaker Mrs. Manoshi Sinha and guest, Dr. Jagbir Singh, Chairman, Haryana Education Board by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. M.K. Mittal.

Mrs. Manoshi spoke about her research that we are the world’s oldest surviving civilization dating back thousands of years. Colonial and secular historians have completely ignored the glorious facets of ancient and medieval period of our history. Our chronological history is distorted wherein we are shown as a civilization not beyond 1500 BCE. But, Indic literary references from Vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata and evidence from archaeological studies prove that our civilization dates back many millennia.

Speaking on medieval history, Sinha added that the valor of warriors of the native soil don’t find a place in our history books. She further shared that her book Saffron Swords written by Manoshi Sinha Rawal and co-authored by Yogaditya Singh Rawal, published by Gurgaon based Garuda Prakashan, celebrates 52 tales of glory of our brave ancestors (from all across Bharat) from the last 1300 years. This book is an attempt to bring back that lost glory, that lost pride in our minds and hearts.

On behalf of knowledge partner ‘Rath’, environment lawyer Ayush Saran thanked the University for organizing such encouraging events for the students. He also asked the students and other attendees to support and promote the conservation of the environment and prepare themselves to be tomorrow’s change-makers.

Some concluding remarks were given by the head of the History Department. He also added to the knowledge of the students about the forgotten glory of Indian culture. He opened the house for students to ask questions in which students participated with much enthusiasm. Vice Chancellor Prof. M. K. Mittal presented a vote of thanks at the end and appreciated the efforts of the speaker for her research and all the teachers who did their best in organizing the seminar.

The event was hosted by Prof. Ajit Singh, Department of Commerce. The talk was attended by about 100 people with many students and faculty members.

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