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Indic Scholar Network

Indic Scholar Network

Indic Academy has recently established an Inter University Center for Indic Knowledge Systems under the stewardship of Dr Nagaraj Paturi. (

One of the objectives of this Center is to develop a network to facilitate scholars to speak at other Universities. Towards this goal, IUC-IKS is now happy to announce the launch of ‘Indic Scholar Network’. (ISN). The purpose of this network is to encourage academics to use their spare time traveling to other Universities, addressing students and disseminating their knowledge. Indic Scholar Network is in the process of creating a suitable tech platform that captures the calendars of all members of the network. Members of the Indic Scholar Network interested in hosting other scholars, would be able to see the free time available with them. They can then directly reach out to these scholars and invite them for a lecture at their University. Similarly members who are free to travel can reach out to members of other Universities who are willing to host their talks. Upon the fixing of a speaking engagement and notification to Indic Academy, Indic Academy will make the necessary travel arrangements and bear the travel expenses of the speaker as a travel grant. In order to simplify the process Indic Academy has formulated the following rules for a grant:

  • Within a country – Indic Academy will sponsor the economy class to and fro air ticket and in situations where an interim overnight stay is inevitable, hotel accommodation will also be paid for. It is expected that the host University will receive the guest speaker, provide him the necessary hospitality and conduct the lecture at their own expense.
  • Overseas travel together with internal travel therein will also be sponsored by Indic Academy, provided the speaker has fixed engagements in at least 5 Universities in the host country. Invitation letters from the Universities will have to be submitted along with the proposal for the travel grant.

The talk will be publicized as a joint event between Indic Academy and the host University. Recording of the lecture shall be done and made available on Indic Academy’s YouTube channel. Indic Academy will be inviting select scholars to mark its Google calendar and share it. Each academic must make two calendars:

  • Calendar showing the periods they are willing to host a guest speaker
  • Calendar showing the periods they are willing to travel and speak at other Universities

Interested scholars who share the vision and values of Indic Academy can also apply to be a member of the Indic Scholar Network at

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