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Annual Summary of Indic Chats 2016-17

Indic Academy interviewed the following authors and scholars in the year 2016-17 and discussed their books in our Indic Chat webinar series.

Abhinav Agarwal interviews British Indian author and physician Dr Aroup Chatterjee about his book “Mother Teresa – The Untold Story” in the Indic Chat series.

Dr Aroup Chatterjee studied medicine at the Calcutta Medical College and moved to the United Kingdom in 1985. His book “Mother Teresa – The Untold Story”  inspired the controversial British documentary “Hell’s  Angel”.


Indic Chat interviews prominent author, economist and Indic scholar Sanjeev Sanyal regarding his book “The Ocean of Churn“.

Sanjeev Sanyal is a Rhodes scholar and Eisenhower Fellow who is widely regarded as one of Asia’s leading economists. “The Ocean of Churn” is Sanjeev’s third book. He is also a popular columnist who writes for the Hindustan Times, Project Syndicate, The Times of India, Business Standard and several other publications.

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