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Indic Book Reading Sessions

Indica Chicago is delighted to announce the launch of Indic Book Reading Sessions on a quarterly basis to further Indic Academy’s goals in promoting awareness about Indic heritage. The purpose behind these sessions is to provoke interest in Indic actions. The sessions will leverage books and writings by global Indic intellectuals and unpack some of the scholarships about Indic Heritage. In order to further interest, book references & links to curated materials online (articles, video sessions) will be shared with participants at the end of every session.

Session Details

  • Schedule: Sessions will be conducted once a quarter on a FIXED/RECURRING schedule (weekends only).
  • Agenda: The agenda for each session will be to review a book, distill its message to the audience, and have an interactive session to answer questions, offer clarifications, etc. The topics to be covered for each session will be announced in advance.
  • Location: The sessions will be hosted in the home of one of the IA Chicago Coordinator. Alternative locations (such as temples in Aurora or Lemont) will be explored at a no-cost basis.
  • Presentation: IA Chicago Local leadership will be the initial presenters, set the direction before opening up to others for future sessions.
  • Timing: Sessions will be conducted on Saturday afternoons (once a quarter).
  • Participation: The sessions are open to those interested in learning about Indic heritage and contributing to its promotion.
  • Snacks: Lite snacks if volunteered by the host or the participants will be served.
  • Moderation: Each session will be moderated by IA Chicago Local leadership so that focus is on the agenda topics and related books.
  • Cost: The sessions are free of cost; participants may bring in lite snacks on a voluntary basis.

Schedule for upcoming sessions
Sat, 16th Nov 2019, 3-5p
Sat, 15th Feb 2020, 3-5p
Sat, 25th Apr 2020, 3-5p
Sat, 13th Jun 2020, 3-5p
Sessions will resume in September after Summer Break
Sep 2020 (Date TBD)
Nov 2020 (Date TBD)

Reading Topics and Books

The trajectory of topics is being finalized. Indic Academy standard online event flyers & Eventbrite links will be put up soon.

INDICA Chicago will review interest every quarter and implement improvements based on feedback.

Please reach out to Ram Lakshminarayanan ( for more information


INDICA Chicago Team
Avatans Kumar, Head, Indic Academy US Operations

Nishant Limbachia, Indic Academy, Chicago Chapter Coordinator

Ram Lakshminarayanan, Indic Academy, Chicago Chapter Coordinator

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