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Indian Painting (2013) by C. Sivaramamurti

Review: Indian Painting (2013) by C. Sivaramamurti

To capture the spirit, history, style, and masterpieces of any of the various Indian arts, in a mere span of one hundred pages is a challenging, perhaps even intimidating task, but padma bhushana C. Sivaramamurti beautifully accomplishes exactly this in his book Indian Painting.

Uniting Spirituality and Ecology: The Western Ghat Temples

India is best known around the globe for its culture, biodiversity, monuments, cuisine, festivals and spiritual practices that depict its holistic philosophy of life. In the original Vedic tradition, all these aspects have been beautifully interlaced into a seamless fabric – a system that enables economic growth without harming the society or environment.

Mindfulness in Hinduism

The following is a talk on Mindfulness in Hinduism by Somanjana Chatterjee. The talk was hosted by Silicon Valley Interreligious Council (SiVIC) at the SiVIC Annual Assembly on October 13th, 2019.

Decoding Number 18

In the last of the series, young author Aditya Sharma decodes the esoteric significance of the Number 18 in the Puraanas.

Indic Book Reading Sessions

Indica Chicago is delighted to announce the launch of Indic Book Reading Sessions on a quarterly basis to further Indic Academy’s goals in promoting awareness about Indic heritage. The purpose…