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From Humanities to Human Sciences

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Indic Academy presents an online course From Humanities to Human Sciences: A leap enabled by Vedic Insights by Prof. Nagaraj Paturi from July 4 – Sep 5 2020 (Every Saturday, 6.30-8 pm IST). Please click here to register.

For Whom? Are you a student, academician, or professional in Humanities or Social Sciences, or an intellectual interested in understanding communities and culture?

Then do not miss this paradigm-shifting Webinar series entitled “From Humanities to Human Sciences”  by Prof. Nagaraj Paturi, an authority on modern Humanities as well as authentic Vedic Wisdom with a firm grasp of the synergy possible.

This webinar series is intended to change Humanities disciplines from non-sciences to sciences and Social Sciences into new sciences using India’s Vedic approaches to these knowledge areas. It covers Governance, Environmentalism, Psychology, Creativity, Aesthetics, History, Economics, Social Sciences, Law, and Ethics

Each talk dwells on one Knowledge area and presents (i) its Vedic philosophy, (ii) the scientific model that approach offers, (iii) the Vedic sources from which it can be derived, and (iv) the impact it can create if systematized and practiced.

Partake of this intellectual feast!

Webinar Details:

  • Title: From Humanities to Human Sciences: A Leap enabled by Vedic Insights
  • Speaker: Prof. Nagaraj Paturi, Director, Indic Academy Inter-Gurukula University Center, Hyderabad INDIA
  • Date: July 4 – Sep 5 (every Saturday)
  • Time: Every Saturday, 6.30 – 8 pm IST
  • Delivery: Live Webinar (Zoom video conference, recorded for later viewing)
  • Fee:
    • Attend live sessions only: FREE (registration required)Add event to shopping cart and checkout. You will not be charged.
    • College / gurukula student access to live sessions + recordings: Rs. 750/- (residents of India) or USD 15/- (others)
    • Non-student access to live sessions + recordingsRs. 1500/- (residents of India) or USD 30/- (others)
  • Registration: Visit the following page to sign up:


  • Groom Humanities and Social Sciences scholars into effective catalysts for social transformation.
  • Train faculty to teach Indic models of Sociology, Governance, etc. in Higher education.
  • Inform public intellectuals about authentic, academically rigorous and defendable Vedic insights into Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Inspire corporate managers to consider Indic methods to solve organizational problems.

Expected Outcomes

  • Prerequisite to the upcoming short course series on Vedic Human Sciences launching from October 2020.
  • Eligibility for faculty training workshops on Vedic Governance and Social Sciences.
  • Eligibility for research fellowships to develop Vedic taxonomies in Humanities and Social Sciences.

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