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How to Study Indic Shastras

How to Study Indic Shaastras – Learn from the great masters online

(7th – 21st January, 2017)

Indic Academy in association with the School of Vedic Sciences MIT-ADT University, Pune ( offered an online certificate course during Jan 7-21, 2018. The course was designed by renowned Nyaya scholar and expert on Shaastras, Prof Shrinivas Varakhedi. Dr Sai Susarla, the Dean of the MIT School of Vedic Sciences and Indic Academy curated this 15-day, 90 mins online course, targeted at public intellectuals. A week-long, basic Sanskrit refresher course from 1st-7th January was also offered prior to the commencement of the “How to study Indic Shaastras Online Course”. 

This course was especially designed for mainstream-educated audience with a specific interest in scientific underpinnings of India’s knowledge base.

Key Learning Features of the Course:

1) The rigorous rational method of Indic Shaastras (scientific treatises), and how they compare with the approach of modern science.

2) The anatomy and exposition methodology common to all Indic shaastra texts.

3) How to navigate shaastra to research a specific topic by yourself.


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