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Grant to Vaidika Bharata

Grant to Vaidika Bharata

We are pleased to announce an $8000 USD grant to Vaidika Bharata Global Foundation, USA by INDICA Inc

Vaidika Bharata aims to re-invigorate the vaidika society into a philosophical, intellectual, ritualistic, social whole, through research, promotion, and training into vaidika traditions as vibrant and living practices. Scope of work includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Digitisation of rare manuscripts belonging to hindu intellectual traditions
  2. Holding residential camps for young boys to give them an experience of living in a gurukula and learn basic duties of a brahmachari
  3. Organising rare shrauta rituals in northern india and reviving these traditions
  4. Vakyartha sabha-s for re establishing the older traditions of debate, discussion and dialogue so as to discern the truth
  5. Revival of shankhyana shakha of the rigveda, one of the 11 extant (out of 1131 at one point of time) shakha-s of veda-s
  6. Running a gurukulam (in Baghpat district, UP) to impart vaidika knowledge to young boys. The scope of teaching extends to all 6 vedanga-s, and modern secular sciences as necessary
  7. A goshala of pure breed desi cows (8 cows and 4 calves)


Those interested in collaborating can please write to


Commenting on the grant, founder Hari Kiran said “We are constantly focussed on balancing our efforts in preserving, protecting and promoting our civilisational thought and this grant is an effort at preservation. We are extremely pleased to support Mohit Bhardwaj in his endeavours to establish a veda pathashala in India, organise Vakyartha sadas as well as organise camps in the US. We had helped him in the initial phase of establishing the Veda Pathashala with a grant and also raised further resources from others through the efforts of our activist network. This grant is a continuation of our conviction of his sincerity to revive certain rituals and practices.

In particular a part of the grant is carved out for reviving the tradition of Vakyartha Sadas in North India. Indic Academy is at the forefront of reviving this unique debating tradition having held/help organise 9 such events earlier, including the first ever International Vakyartha Sadas at Varanasi in April 2019. We wish Mohit all the very best in his endeavours and look forward to a continued engagement with him. We also wish to thank Ms Neha Srivastava and Sri Vikram Tikoo for their efforts in facilitating this grant”.

INDICA Inc is a not for profit company with an 501 (1) (3) exemption from IRS. The office bearers are

  1. Avatans Kumar as President
  2. Hari Kiran Vadlamani as Secretary and
  3. Vishal Agarwal as Director

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